Digital Media Strategist, Google Ads Manager & Martech Geek

Are you struggling with media mix efficiency, optimization of LTV for DTC/SaaS brands, or SQLs and high-ticket customers for B2B/B2B SaaS brands? Do you face challenges with conversion duplication, attribution chaos, TV/Radio buying efficiency, or building a single source-of-truth dashboard for your performance efforts? I excel in extracting and combining data from web/app analytics platforms, data warehouses, business intelligence tools, and ad networks. My goal is always to maximize value for your business. Let me apply my experience and passion to uncover solutions that others might have missed. I have been deeply engaged with value-based bidding and predicted lifetime value (pLTV) for several years. Feel free to reach out to discuss this.

Who I am

My name is Radoslaw Kmita, but you can call me Rado. I'm a self-management evangelist and progressive management styles (eg. teal organization) practitioner with over a decade of experience in digital marketing. I founded a successful organization that grew to over 80 team members across various areas—Marketing Analytics, PPC, SEO, UX, web development, graphic design, and content management. In 2020, I stepped down as CEO and now focus primarily on consulting, helping other teams and businesses accelerate their growth.

What drives me

What have I learned through all these years? Firstly, I have discovered a passion for data and the tremendous power it holds. Secondly, the more challenging a task appears, the more determined I am to tackle it. I leverage my experience and creativity to assist Heads of Growth, Project Managers, and those responsible for managing ads on platforms like Facebook, Google, Bing, Pinterest, TikTok, and programmatic advertising, as well as Web Analysts. My goal is to elevate their results to a higher level and achieve the best possible outcomes. I enjoy collaborating with US-based or global DTC, SaaS, and B2B brands.

What distinguishes me

I am diligent and thorough

I’m never satisfied with the easiest solution. There is always room for improvement, which is why I take pleasure in seeking out non-standard and customized solutions.

I have a multi-area experience

I am interested in digital marketing in its broadest sense, directly connected with product development, finance, and the overall business model. From this comprehensive perspective, I understand that the best solution is one that proves useful across multiple fields.

Data is what I love

Whenever possible, each solution I propose will be grounded in hard data and concrete details. However, this does not mean that it will lack dynamism or flexibility.

What I can do for you

Generate fresh ideas for any campaign/ experiment

Quality assurance of your accounts and strategy

Create/maintain scripts and methodologies for your Google Ads Specialists

Help in maintaining and increasing LTV, ROAS or ROI

LTV (Life-Time Value) optimization

Implementing AI-Enabled Marketing Processes in Your Team

How we work together

Contact Me

New thinking & skills

I will offer fresh perspectives and develop new ideas for your campaigns, accounts, and strategies, while sharing the latest solutions and proven best practices. We can also organize sessions and workshops to facilitate knowledge sharing among team members.

An outside look

I develop ideas for new, complex methodologies—including scripts, tools, checklists, and processes—to maintain and enhance the quality of your business. Additionally, I can support and design your reporting and communication processes for stakeholders, managers, specialists, agencies, analytics experts, data scientists, and others.

Extra horsepower

I can work as an external specialist or as a member of a project team. I will share all my skills and experience with you, including custom JavaScript scripts (for GTM, Google Sheets, Google Ads), DV360 support, and optimization towards SQL/LTV, among others. I am capable of handling both analysis and implementation.

Zobacz, jak wygląda moja praca

W ramach abonamentu wspieram Cię regularnie, doradzam i pomagam. Dzięki temu krok po kroku poprawiamy przyjazność Twojej strony oraz rozwiązujemy konkretne problemy.

Sprawdź, z kim miałam przyjemność współpracować

How to start cooperation?



First, we need to get to know each other and learn more about all the accounts and campaigns. It’s also important to briefly get to know all the stakeholders’ goals.



We sign all the standard documents to make sure that your data and know-how is protected.


Account analysis

I learn how things look like inside of the account. I run a checklist and pull all the data to Google Spreadsheets in which I conduct calculations and make comments. Already at this stage, I collect some ideas for improvements or tests.



We schedule a call or meeting in which we discuss in detail all ideas, insights, and opportunities found by me. We make a list of priorities.


The next steps

It’s up to you! We can organize regular calls, we can move to the next account or I can help to implement some of the experiments/structures/targetings/audiences and so on.